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About Me/My Philosophy

Hi!  I'm Barbara Harding, a Music and Movement Educator for young children

Barbara Harding with guitar

I have been working with children in the early learning community for over 20 years, where I have had the opportunity to facilitate a broad range of programs including music & movement, for children aged 0 to 6 years old. I believe children to be natural born musicians and with your help in cultivating their musical interests, this can nurture a lifetime of inspired learning!  

ukulele on rocking chair

I have a musical background that spans four decades.  My love of music began with performing in school choirs and musical productions. I later joined a rock and roll band and enjoyed many years of performing. Aside from rock music, I enjoyed being a part of an Acapella choir, singing old Barbershop style music in 4 part harmony. 

Although having received formal training, my most valuable learning comes from working with children and raising  my own. 

kids and parachute.doc

Each child is unique in how they perceive the world around them, and when you engage them through music, it allows for freedom of expression so all can learn in their own way..... together. 
~ Barbara Harding

Barbara Harding sitting in easy pose
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